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Internship Final Report
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Indonesia as a fast developing country in South East Asia has been faced the challenge of child health specially child malnutrition. The case is severe among rural poor as they face with economic issues, poor access to education and health services, severe droughts and other natural disasters. They are unable to bare these shocks which make them more vulnerable to ill-being and make poor quality of life. 36% of Indonesian children experience stunting, while 14% are wasting which are severe nutrition deficiencies of children4. The project; Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Development Scaling up Initiative (READ SI) by Ministry of Agriculture and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Indonesia addressing this multifactorial issue at rural Indonesia with most vulnerable rural people as majorly concern of opportunities for income generation. The purpose of this field internship by Master of Development Practice (MDP) with READ SI is to facilitate the project process by mutual experience sharing to address malnutrition among communities through developing an action plan to implement in grass root level.