Understanding The Status Of Women Through Gendered Perspective

Understanding The Status Of Women Through Gendered Perspective
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In the name of culture and traditional norms majority of the girls in Afar region are victims of male domination and exploitation. This study examines the social structure of (agro) pastoral societies in two different villages in Awash, Afar zone 3 that keeps women deprived from having equal social status with men. The existing socialization process has also spread gender stereotypical beliefs in the younger generations which escorts them directly towards their traditional roles set by the society. Being a patriarchal society the power is automated in men considering women as inferior beings. Such unequal power relations hinders access, decision making power and participation of women in all sphere of life in addition with burden of extreme work load. From the primary data collected in the field results suggested that the high loyalty of the community towards its customary law and culture promotes social evil like early marriage followed by early birth. The study is focused to understanding the socio-economic and socio-cultural status of women and the issues and challenged faced from the gender norms of the society.