IFAD/FGN Assisted Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP)

IFAD/FGN Assisted Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP)
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The Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP) emerged from the IFAD Country Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP) covering the 2010-2015 period.. This programme takes a holistic and demand-driven approach to addressing constraints along the cassava and rice value chains. This study was aimed at providing useful and basic information on the impact of IFAD Assisted Value Chain Development Programme on income, productivity and food security of small holder farmers in Ogun state. The objective of this programme is to sustainably enhance rural incomes and food security. The target groups include 15,000 smallholder farming households, 1,680 processors and 800 traders. Specifically, the programme focuses on developing agricultural markets and increasing market access for smallholder farmers and small to medium-scale agro-processors and enhancing smallholder productivity. The broad objective of this study is to analyze the impact of IFAD value chain development programme on smallholder farmers’ welfare in the state. Specifically, the objectives include evaluating the project’s intervention in terms of benefit to farmers productivity and security, investigating the standard of living of farmers in terms of assets acquisition, determining the small holder farmers’ incremental net benefit based on the project and identifying the constraints encountered by the participants in IFAD VCDP for the crop enterprise.
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